Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cub reporters for the eight year at YOCee

Can't believe it is eight years since YOCee launched its Student Reporters Programme.
The records show that about 100 students from class 6 and above apply for the programme every year. But we would like to take focus on a smaller batch and train them well.

This year too we received four short of 100 entries. Most of them from the crucial years in school - class 10, 11 and 12! This is a little strange, as we have not received many from students of these classes.
A few of them have expressed interest in taking writing and reporting as a career. It is good to see young people looking at other options than the traditional science and arts apart from the crowded engineering courses.

But, we do not advocate any specific course for the young minds. We believe in taking up things of their choice. But, we do make them believe that writing is one thing which can be pursued irrespective of any career choice. Yes, many children, who trained with YOCee as Student Reporters have proven this.

Here is a list pf 35 young people who are going to keep the website alive for the year beginning June.

Do read their report and encourage them. Your feedback is important for the young writers.

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