Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quizzing becomes a new weekend activity!

Of late. we see a lot of quiz for school kids.

Chennai is, of course, the quizzing capital as many would observe. But these quizzes are All India level quizzes and winning at Chennai region means another round of quizzing for these kids.

It was TCS IT WIZ last month. The team from SBOA won the regional finals and Bala Vidya Mandir team was the runner up.

It was then time for the Madras Quiz. Murugappa Madras Quotient was launched in a big way this year. Though it was for school students, an adult - a teacher or a parent- was also included in the finals. The team from PSBB Nungambakkam lifted the trophy. Vidya Mandir was the runners up.

Then came the Limca Book of Records quiz. The same team from Bala Vidya Mandir which was runners up in the TCS IT WIZ quiz was the winners of this quiz. And Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram team was the runners up.

Now there will be the Young World Quiz in October / November. The India Quizzing League's Republic Day quiz in January.

So how do these teams prepare for the quizzes? Or they just keep track of what is happening around them?

If you were part of any quizzing team, would you like to share a few tips for those starters?
Mail them to Will be a nice gesture and we will publish them on YOCee.