Saturday, June 23, 2012

How does it feel like as a reporter?

Ask YOCee's cub reporters, they would say it is fun!

But how does a reporter in a full job with a leading newspaper feels? It is fun again, but loads of work, commitment and strict deadlines, said Anusha Parthasarathy to the newly inducted student reporters of YOCee at the briefing session.

"I have seen your name in The Hindu. I am delighted to see you here," a young reporter pulled out a notebook and wanted an autograph from Anusha after her talking to the kids - na, the young reporters.

Anusha spoke about meeting people who wouldn't speak much at interviews. "How would I get a bite from such people!", she exclaimed. But she shared a technique that she adopts while she needs information from people of few words.

She also shared how she gets the photos she would like to go with her stories from the photographers. "It is not always you get what you wanted. You need to explain to your photographers about the angle of your report or feature that is on your mind," she told the children. But YOCee's reporters take their own pictures! "That makes you lucky!" Anusha said talking about the advantages of being a reporter cum photographer.

The real experiences of a professional reporter, sub-editor is an extra page of information added to the guidebook the YOCee reporters usually receive at the briefing session.

This time they also got a Reporter cap in their kit. The kit has a handbook, a reporter ID card, a notepad and a pen. And a cap too this year. Hey, we missed a photoshoot of all the reporters with their caps on!

No worry, YOCee is waiting to see the feathers they would add to their caps!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reporters' group on Google

YOCee gets a lot of contribution from the student reporters who have enrolled for the year long programme. How do they get to report?
Some do have a nose for news and report on the events and happenings they observe.
Some need to be told why should share on where they had been to or what they had watched in their school.
Some need to be assigned to what they should report.
The YOCee team came up with an idea of making the assignments public and available to all the student reporters so that they can pick up the ones they line.
A Google Group exclusive to the Student Reporters.
All that is interesting and happening are posted there. The team posting them on to the group is just amazed at the speed with which the cub reporters respond to them!
In an hour the assignments are picked up!
Sometimes, we even receive two three reporters asking for reporting on the same event.
So, how do they benefit once they 'bid' for the assignment?
They get all the guidance on how to go about. They get to know the right contacts, who were earlier briefed about the role of cub reporters by the YOCee team. And file a great report for the readers.