Monday, May 12, 2014

A directory for kids and parents - Chennai Kids Directory

This is the fifth year YOCee has brought out this little directory.
A directory of where you can find the resources for pursuing your passion.
Your interests in hobbies need to nurtured. You deserve a holistic childhood, don't you?

So, this is what we thought of and tried putting the information relating to all the places you could pursue your hobbies.

Broadly classified under the categories Aeromodelling, Art and Crafts, Computer and Technology, Dance, Language, Maths, Music, Playschools, Science, Self defence, Spoken English, Sports, Storytelling, Theatre, Yoga, the directory is a 144 page handy booklet.

Is the directory priced?
No, the directory comes for FREE! But, the information provided in the directory is priceless!

You could pick up a copy from the points mentioned here.

If you find this book useful, do spread word.
Drop us a line too. It will encourage Team YOCee a lot!

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