Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hunting around Chennai

When it was Puja Holidays -a long one week holiday - we thought the kids could be actively engaged online.
Who are the 'we'?
YOCee and Bambaram. Two independent outfits that cater to the city and its kids in completely different forms and ways.
Why online?
We knew the kids would anyway be online playing, chatting, 'facebook'ing and 'hangout'ing on Google Plus. So why not some Googling and learning?

That worked well. We launched ACID9 - Around Chennai in (9) Days, a Treasure Hunt completely online.
The experience was wonderful at our side when 76 teams (of two kids each) signed up for the Hunt. And what about the participants' version? To find this out, we had the finale face-to-face.
We had invited all the teams that signed up, participated, cracked or tried the daily clues and treasures. We got to know from them how much they enjoyed hunting online every day.
Many parents revealed that they had joined the hunt with their kids.
Yeah, we wanted and expected that!
The top 5 Hunters felt proud holding up their cups and sure they would remain in their showcases for ever!
Do you know what the question the kids, moms and dads asked alike was, when we signed off?
"When and what will be the next online fun?"
Who said the Internet is generally banned for kids in a south Indian city like Chennai?