Not just fantacies and comics, there are a few books written for children with subtle issues embedded in them that will make the kids think constructively.

One such book is Weed by the award winning author Paro Anand.

The Hindu Young World carried a review of it in its latest issue. Did you read it?
You should read the book too. May be this Christmas vacation.
Should the children of the terrorists be supported to have good education? Should they remain just outcast? But if the father was a terrorist what does the child have to do with it? Growing up in an atmosphere of violence is the child’s mistake?

There are many unanswered questions in our minds regarding these kids. Not just the terrorists, thieves, convicts in cases of violence and murders do have families and there are kids too in the families.
What does the society do about them?

Tell me what do you think!

By the way here is an interesting interview with the author!