Sunday, August 21, 2011

Experience of walking with kids and with camera

For the second year YOCee hosted a photowalk for children.
It coincided with the Madras Week as in the past year.
Madras is a large city, so bifurcation of north and south Madras has been not only geographical but cultural too. So we chose to walk on both the places.

The first walk was on Royapuram. Yes, we started to walk from the famed old railway station. We ended at another important landmark - the math wizard Ramanajun museum on Somu Chetty Lane.
The Parsi fire temple, the Kal Mandapam, St. Peter's Church, Jamia Masjid all were found on the way we walked and shot.

The second walk was on the southern part of the city, Greenways Road.
A visit and walk inside Vasanta Vihar, the Theosophical society was a great experience for kids. The music college which was once Brodie's castle was another place many kids hadn't seen before.

Find loads of pictures here.

Tell us how did you like them?
Suggest us now ways to walk.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Madras - Chennai - children

Madras is Chennai to the younger generation.
Especially to those who are born after 1996.
Yes, that is when the official name of the city was changed to Chennai.

It has been on the records as Madras in English and Chennai in Tamil even before the official change of name. But now Madras is Chennai, though many in the city and many who are abroad still refer to it as Madras.

But then a celebration for the city reminds us of the old and new, history and geography of this city that has multiple faces.
One face of it is too conservative to accept the Western culture.
But the other face is very open to changes and modernisation.
Yet another face is exploring anything new within the parameters of tradition, culture and a little beyond them.

Yes, it is a fascinating city like many other cities in India.
And when it is August, it is time to celebrate every aspect of this city.

What is there for children? Hey, many things. Many firsts and many grand events, contests.
Just look at the array of events for the young people!
Happy Madras Day! Want to call is Chennai Day? Be it, but celebrate your own city!