Friday, May 27, 2011

Reporters ready for the year!

It is again time for the young student reporters of YOCee to get ready for one full year of reporting.

It is fun, but serious. Nothing frivolous gets into their writing and reporting.
After all they are trained to be official reporters of YOCee.

This year, we grew bigger as the city grows bigger. There are kids from the greater Chennai, that is as far as from the Mahindra World City close to Chenglepet who are enthu about writing.
The bright eyed young people listened to what is reporting and how to go about picking up story ideas. But it is always the Reporter ID card that gets the maximum vote in the whole process.

After listening to the stories of the writers of the past years, the new crowd of cub reporters are ready for finding their story ideas.

Keep logged on to your YOCee, you will find stories and stories and ...