The kids of Kalleda Rural School in a village called Kalleda in Andhra Pradesh capture the scenes of daily life in their village and host their own photo blogs.

Rural Development Foundation, which runs the school have initiated the Kalleda Photo Project two years ago. Through this project, the kids in the rural area are exposed to observe the daily life in and around the village through the lenses. Also, now they know a bit of photography and a lot of caption-writing.

Each student has a Flickr account and Flickr has donated a Pro account for this project to display a collection of all the photo blogs by children. Visit the main page of the photo blogs here.

Each student’s blog is added as a contact and the pictures taken by the kids are all up in one place.

While the school kids are on clicking photos, the students of Pai Junior College in the same village are on shooting videos. They learn the tricks of videography as well as video editing as part of the project. They upload their vidoes through YouTube. The videos are classified event wise. Watch the clippings of Bathukamma festival celebrated in Telengana here.

The area is well documented in photos and videos by the students living and studying in the village.

Our city too has many less visited but interesting places. You may be surprised to see an old statue of King George V in the middle of the famed Panagal Park in T. Nagar.

If you too have a digicam and keep clicking away interesting scenes on the road, why don’t you share it with the other kidsi n Chennai?

And how about an exclusive photoblog for YOCee kids? Post your views here!



  1. June 29, 2008 @ 11:51 am, by Ragini

    A very good project indeed. Wish our city too had such a mission.