Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer and the Directory comes back

Come summer in Chennai, the edition of ChennaiKids Directory gets prepared at YOCee's small office. The experience of putting the data and advertisements together is an interesting one.

Many services and business that cater to children are ready to advertise and support the revenues. Many more are ready to share the details for listing in the directory. Some even expressed that they liked the tit-bits found in the directory.

Whatever be the interests of the users, we are excited about making it and launching it every year.

This year it was puppets that came in before the launch. Bhanumathi, a good friend of us brought Chennai's flora and fauna alive on that day.

It was again the student reporters who graced the launch. Sruti, Sanjana, Smruthi and Nandini were proud to be at the event.

Read Sanjana's report on the launch here