Friday, August 29, 2008

Safe surfing of the Net

Have Google and the Chennai City Police come to your school this week?

Yeah, the IT major – Google has joined hands with the cops to guide the students to be net-smart. After all the kids of today turn to the Net for every project of theirs!

But the operation of visiting schools, issuing booklets and guiding is restricted to 12 schools in the city, the reports say. So what do we do for the rest of the kids, who also would benefit if they too get the guidance.

We invite kids who received the booklet from Google and City Police to share the information with others.

You can host put them on your own blog.
Or send your request to be a contributor to YOCee’s blog and put them up here.
Or just sit with your friends and read to them.

To start with here’s CBBC’s guidelines on safe surfing.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Websites of Chennai schools

Recently I came across an article in The Times of India about Chennai schools becoming smarter online.

I felt it was an encouraging trend that the kids and their parents need not always check with their classmates or the parents of their classmates for information they miss at the school.
The info now would be available online.
After all, many parents are cyber savvy these days!

I became curious and clicked on the websites of popular schools in Chennai. What I saw online was quite contrary.
Not many links opened here and no updates on this site. A blank page opened in the news section and the last year’s details are only available under achievements section! Some are fairly updated though the events for this year are yet to find place.
Of course I came across a well maintained and updated website too.

Have you ever looked at your school’s website? Do you see updated information or your parents get to know what the school is doing beyond the activities of your class?

If not so far, please have a look at the website of your school now!

Many teachers like Mrs. Trebilcock have a homework blog which the students and parents can check on a daily basis. (The US schools are enjoying their vacation now. So you will find the last post in this blog in June 2008)
And some teachers of professional courses like Ms. Kalnay have online dialogue and assign homework using blogs!

Do you think such a system will work in Chennai schools? Will the schools make all information available online for the kids and parents? If security is a threat, why not with a password for students and parents?
Do share your thoughts!

But why the websites once made for the schools are not updated? Don’t you think it is necessary? Do you talk to your teachers about the importance of keeping the school’s website current?

The forum is open to you!


  1. August 18, 2008 @ 11:31 am, by Balaji

    Revathi, I’d like to share with the readers a Chennai school web site that I liked: The School by KFI.