What does exercise mean to me?
Why should we do it?
Don’t we stay healthy without exercise?
Did my grandparents exercised daily to keep their health in tact?

I ask these questions many times nowadays! Nobody stressed on doing exercises when I was a school kid. But now I hear many of my friends exercise or workout very hard and ask me why don’t I exercise!

When I was in school, I walked ny way to school most of the days and cycled when I grew up to high school.
We did not have lifts at our apartment where we stayed on the first floor. But we played on the terrace, on the quiet end of the road.
We skipped our way to the road end playing corner, almost like a skipping race!
And…. we never had a Television to sit in front and keep munching!
So never we had a necessity to exercise.
But what about the young kids of today?
A study carried out in Britain says most kids will be overweight by 2050!
Read here.
And tips about how simple it is to exercise!

How do YOU keep yourself fit and fine? Share it here. Sure, it will be useful to many!