Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stay safe on the Internet

Are you on FaceBook or MySpace?
Do you think you surf the Net safe?
Is your email safe?
Do you give out information about yourself to online pals?
Well, chatting with your friends online can be loads of fun, but make sure you stay safe on the web.
Technologies help you study and give all new exciting ways to socialise with others. And you are always faster to use the Internet or the mobile devices than your parents.
So you need to know more on using the devises better and safer.

Countries across the world as well as many social networking websites have pledged to beat Cyber bullying, a menace for the kids who surf the Net. This bullying continues offline too, in your classroom or in your colony.
Be aware that all the information you type are read online go through many servers, Net spies and they are saved and circulated by the bullies many times.

If your parents have a watch on your surfing, feel happy that someone will be at help in case of any trouble online.
You should also be aware of copyright rules when you download information for your school projects or use in your presentations. You may be watched for ‘online copying’ too!

On the occasion of the safer Internet day 2009, is organising events and competitions for kids and companies to bring about awareness of what is happening online.

Now a few tips for now to be safe on the Net.

- Never give out any personal details online.

- Never arrange to meet people that you only know online.

- Always let somebody know where you are going – tell your parents, guardians, friends.

- Block and report any abuse online.

- If someone is making your life a misery by bullying you or just being annoying, tell your parents. No one can help you unless you let them know what is going on.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Google’s Internet Bus in Tamil Nadu

The Internet major, Google India initiated its ‘Internet Bus’ concept on Feb. 3.
A mobile Internet kiosk will travel across 15 tier II and tier III cities in Tamil Nadu demonstrating the content and usage of the internet in the local language to the section of the population still averse to the same.

The Internet Bus will demonstrate content under four topics – information, communication, entertainment and education. It will also introduce its visitors to Google SMS search and channels.

“Increased awareness about, and access to Internet, especially in the local language will empower users with information and greater access to information. Even in people experience the Internet for a brief period of time and find it to be very useful, they will find ways and means to get back to it. The primary need is to sensitise the masses about the large content available in the local language,” Dr.Prasad Ram, head, R&D, Google India said during the launch of the bus.

The bus has already visited 12 towns in Tamil nadu so far. In March, it will be going to Pudukkottai. Trichy, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Neyveli, Cuddalore and Tiruvannamalai.

If you have friends in these towns tell them to check the bus out!

Read this for more info and the route of the bus.