Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reporters' day out on World Heritage Day

Can an email get the young reporters out in the Sun to capture the heritage of the city?
It does at YOCee

A few groups have planned heritage walks and bicycle rides in the city this week end to mark World Heritage Day. We thought the cub reporters would also love to do a round capturing images of places of interest and of those that have history behind them. And they picked up the idea and went around shooting places in their neighbouthood.

We have laid out all the photos we received in a photo gallery on the website.
It was good to see Dhurai A N, who writes often on sports came up with a panoramic image of the 400 year old Somanathaswamy temple in Kolathur this time.

A few reporters who are holidaying have also mailed pictures from wherever they are. Sandhya Varadharajan is now spending her vacation in Srirangam and she mailed a picture of the Chitra therottam (tem[ple car procession) at Srirangam.


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